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Hamas urges Chad to backtrack on normalization with Israel

Hamas condemned on Monday Chad’s involvement in “a dangerous wave of normalization” with the Israeli occupation, after the country received the Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Hamas leader Esam al-Da’lis said the move is a stab in the back of the Palestinian people and one that gives Israel green-light to increase its crimes and human rights violations across the occupied Palestinian territories.

“Hamas realizes the dangerous repercussions of normalization with the Israeli occupation on the Palestinian cause”, he said. “Hamas calls on Chad to reconsider its move, work on isolating the Israeli occupation, and support the Palestinian people throughout their anti-occupation struggle.

Netanyahu landed in Chad Sunday morning for a half-day trip during which he announced the renewal of diplomatic ties with the African Muslim-majority nation after a 50-year hiatus.

The visit makes part of an intense drive by Netanyahu to expand Israel’s diplomatic reach amid increasing calls to boycott the Israeli occupation economically, culturally, and politically.
The Republic of Chad cut diplomatic ties with Israel on November 28, 1972, at the behest of Libya’s overthrown President Muammar Gaddafi.

Nearly 15 million people live in Chad today, 55 percent of them Muslim. About 40% are Christian.

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